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Luxury Kid’s Jackets: Canadian Duck Down

Luxury Kid’s Jackets: Canadian Duck Down
When it comes to luxury kid’s jackets, there are a few things to keep in mind. Kids are a little rougher on their clothing, which is why durability is vital. The materials used should be top quality, and the cold rating for the jacket should reflect the harsh Canadian winters. Reputable manufacturers like Arctic Bay understand these important factors and use their industry leading knowledge to create beautiful luxury kid’s jackets and snowsuits. If you’re looking for the best quality winter jackets for kids, keep the following in mind.


Kids play hard. They tend to tear through their clothing with alarming regularity, and finding a company able to produce something built to last can be difficult. Arctic Bay jackets and snowsuits are made from exceptionally durable materials that help make it easier to make it through the winter season without buying multiple jackets. With Arctic Bay jackets, kids are treated to pleasant telescopic sleeves with elasticized rib knit cuffs to keep the snow out, and the leg straps built into the snowsuits keep them from riding up. The durable YKK front locking zipper runs from chin to ankle making removal easy. These luxurious jackets and snowsuits aren’t just durable, they’re comfortable to play in.


When it comes to the best materials for use in a winter jacket, you already know what’s best. Your mother told you, your grandfather told you, and their parents told them. Down jackets are the absolute best weapon in a war against the elements. If you want the warmest luxury winter jackets for kids, down is the way to go. Having said that, not just any down will do.  Arctic Bay fills their jackets and snowsuits with premium Canadian duck down and lines their fleece peaked inner hoods with Canadian origin coyote fur. The 100% nylon lining makes it easy to wash, which any parent will tell you is a blessing. 

Cold Rating

It’s not at all uncommon to find winter jackets at the local big box store for a surprisingly low price. That’s primarily due to the quality of the filler used. That same filler simply cannot match the warmth trapping ability of down. It’s important to know though, that not all down is rated the same. Excellent quality jackets have a fill power of at least 700. That’s how it’s possible that the most sought after luxury down jackets are rated for wear in temperatures as low as negative forty-five degrees. While these jackets and snowsuits can stand up to that level of frigid cold, they don’t cause wearers to overheat in lesser temperatures. Don’t risk your child’s comfort with a lesser quality jacket from a bargain store. Your child deserves the best, and that’s exactly what Arctic Bay is offering. 

It can be hard to find luxury jackets for kids. There’s no shortage of non-down filled jackets at outlet malls, but for those who’d like the treat their children to some of the finer things, there are few courses of action. Arctic Bay helps make that decision easier through their use of top quality materials used to make a comfortable and warm product that can’t be matched in terms of build quality and functionality. To make it even easier, they offer free shipping on kid’s jackets. Contact the best in the business today and get your kids warmed up in style.

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